The city of Athens, an international tourist destination for its history and ancient monuments, is acquiring new, modern "monuments" in the context of the reconstruction of its historic centre. Hospitality has met art and the Monument Hotelhas emerged.

The brand new hotel in the heart of the city is a work of art in its own right, bearing the stamp of the great neoclassical architect Ernst Ziller.


Designated as a Listed and Modern Building, the Monument is housed in a uniquely aesthetic structure designed in 1880 by the famous architect.


The transformation is stunning: one of the most impressive neoclassical buildings in the centre of Athens, with uniquely painted floor paintings, takes on a new life as a small nine-room hotel of high aesthetics..


The dialectic relationship between new and old is reflected in both the common areas and the hospitality rooms with high aesthetic tones. The renovators who undertook the project preserved the original and the posterior, documenting how the past can coexist with contemporary design. They gradually revealed - over three years of restoration and work - the pattern of ceiling paintings and plaster decorations that date back to the building's creation in 1881. The Stathopoulos House,, owned by a wealthy Athenian merchant, found after years of abandonment its original identity as a true work of art.


The hotel's premises

In the hotel's rooms, each of which has its own floor painting, each new, highly aesthetic addition to the interior in relation to the pre-existing shell, highlights

the old and honors the modern..

The elements that were preserved gave inspiration to determine the colors in the lounge, the wooden staircase that connects the floors -which is a work of art in itself- and in each room where, based on the ceiling, the colors of the wall style and the modern furniture were chosen, in dialogue with the neoclassical style.

The ninth room on the roof enjoys the unique view of both the original antefixes that adorn the building in close-up over the square of Agios Dimitrios, and the magical view of the Acropolis in the background.

The arches and ceilings of the great neoclassical building and its masterly aesthetics can also be seen in the arched doors which have been preserved intact.

Every guest gains - along with the excellent aesthetics - the unique opportunity of a private space, even in the lounge area. The warm sense of hospitality is enhanced as we experience the harmony of the richly painted decorations on the ceilings and the craftsmanship of the luxury branded and handmade furniture .

A wonderful touch of service at the Monument Hotel is the wellness centre, where the spa, sauna and massage area offer a unique sense of relaxation thanks to the rejuvenating treatments offered.


Monument Hotel combines the splendor of the Athenian past with the present, through an authentic hospitality experience. It is a true monument that managed to withstand the test of time until it was restored with respect to its history and architecture to return to the world with a totally fresh identity.

Guests enjoy its unique services and passers-by in the city centre stop and admire the exterior and the magnificent façade with the characteristic archway. It is the city's narrative, the new experiential look, the coupling of history, Ernst Ziller's legacy of architecture and contemporary urbanism that makes the Monument Hotel a fascinating hospitality destination, a new urban concept of hospitality.

Margarita Kataga


Thank you to Mrs. Eleni Chatziioannou, Hotel Manager, Monument Hotel, for the tour to the hospitality areas


Monument Hotel Athens

11, Kalamida str.

10554, Athens, Greece

+30 21 0324 1425