The Gold Award goes to AFEA for Conference of the Year 2022



The Event Awards 2022 and Venue Awards 2022 presented the gold award to AEFA Congress, for organizing the flagship global space research and technology conference of the Committee on Space Research, the 44th COSPAR Scientific Assembly (16-24 July 2022, Athens, Greece).

Businesses that have invested in infrastructure and competitive services to host and compete for high-quality events participated in the big celebration of the industry, the Event Awards 2022 and Venue Awards 2022, which in recent years are being organized by BOUSSIAS.

AFEA prepared the nomination file of the 44th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, and Athens prevailed over the nominations of Warsaw, Lausanne and Prague. It is noteworthy that Athens was selected from the very first election, during the 42nd COSPAR Congress in Pasadena, California, USA.

More than 2,000 renowned space scientists from universities and research centers around the globe, as well as representatives of the largest international Space Services (NASA, ESA, CNES, JAXA, CSA, etc.) attended the Athens Conference. The largest companies of space technology products were also present, with exhibition stands of their own.

The COSPAR international conference became a significant case study on international level, since it was the first hybrid conference (a combination of physical and online participation) in the history of COSPAR, but also one of the first international conferences worldwide to balance online and physical presence on such a large scientific scale (30 parallel rooms for 7 full conference days).

This distinction is a recognition of the team’s efforts and boosts the morale of the employees at AFEA Congress, which constantly adapts and evolves to the new conditions that govern infrastructure and services provided by conferences, while at the same time investing in important collaborations in Greece and around the world.

The Gold Award goes to AFEA for Conference of the Year 2022
Teatro Athens
July 16 2022
July 24 2022