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From the end of the 15th century, Venice began to build naval buildings in its estates, for the maintenance and readiness of the fleet. The Chania arsenals were founded in 1497 and with gradual additions they built two impressive sets, while the "Great Arsenal" was completed in 1600. With the addition of the first floor in 1872, during the Turkish occupation, it hosted several important public functions, such as the school of the Christian Community. From 1892 it housed theatrical performances in its large hall, and was also used as a public hospital and as the Town Hall from 1828 to 1941, when it was destroyed by German bombing.

In 1997, the Municipality of Chania, under the care of the Centre for Mediterranean Architecture (KAM), commissioned the School of Architecture of the NTUA to carry out a preliminary study for the restoration of the monument.

The monument was transformed into an impressive venue for events and exhibitions. It was inaugurated on 18 May 2002 and handed over to the Centre for Mediterranean Architecture.

The premises are suitable for workshops, conferences, lectures, visual arts and photography exhibitions, screenings and presentations, concerts, educational programmes, etc. Access for people with disabilities and reduced mobility is provided everywhere.

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