3rd Thessaloniki Design Week



From June 6 to 11, the 3rd Thessaloniki Design Week Thessaloniki Design Week  brings into focus the relationshipdesign between design and gastronomy in the city that loves them the most

Thessaloniki Design Week will be hosted at Pier A in the Port of Thessaloniki, as well as in other creative spaces of the city, offering unexpected experiences to visitors. Design awards, thematic tours of the city, four workshops, a conference, seven exhibitions, and eleven workshops are at the heart of the project, which is supported by the Municipality of Thessaloniki, as part of its participation in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network for Gastronomy.

“There is a systematic effort on the part of the Municipality of Thessaloniki to promote the city’s gastronomy and its promotion can be achieved in many ways. At  Thessaloniki Design Week, Thessaloniki residents and visitors to the city will have the opportunity to see the marriage of gastronomy and design,” said the Mayor of Thessaloniki, Konstantinos Zervas, during the presentation of the programme.

Philartia founder Giotis Ioannidis referred to the importance of the extroversion that the event can bring to the city’s creative industry. “It was the first logical idea that came to the table, since Thessaloniki became the first Greek creative city of UNESCO and even in gastronomy, so Thessaloniki Design Week had to combine these two sectors and present all the stages of the synergy between them in the production process, from architecture in the dining areas to the aesthetics of a dish,” he noted regarding the choice of this year’s theme.

“This institution is becoming more and more successful each time, as Thessaloniki has a great creative wealth. Food is an international language so we started from the unseen side which is the cultivation, the transport through a package, the arrival at the restaurant to the setting up of a shop and the design and appearance of a dish. It’s all a huge creative chain and with technology developing rapidly it can be a perfect combination to take our gastronomy to another level. The Thessaloniki Design Weekis a platform for networking, extroversion, and promotion of innovative ideas and projects in Greece and abroad and for this reason we support it” said the Deputy Mayor of Culture and Tourism of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, Maria Karagianni.

The activities of the 3rd Thessaloniki Design Week  will take place from 6 to 11 June at Pier A in the Port, Modiano Market, Hellenic  Design Centre, Olympion Cinema, and other places of interest. Admission to  Thessaloniki Design Week activities is free to the public and detailed information about the programme can be found here.

Pier A - Port of Thessaloniki
June 6 2023
June 11 2023