The functional integration of Akronafplia into the city of Nafplion is in progress



The Arvanitia Trail and the Sagredo Gate  in Acronafplia are protected and reused and functionally integrated into the city of Nafplion. The research project, which was carried out through a Programmatic Agreement for Cultural Development of the Ministry of Culture, the Municipality of Nafplion, the Municipal Port Fund of Nafplion and the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, was concerned with addressing the landslide risk in the Arvanitia Trail and the preparation of an architectural study for the restoration, promotion and reuse of the Sagredo Gate. was completed and received the unanimous positive opinion of the Central Archaeological Council.

Το εκκλησάκι της Παναγιάς στην παραλία της Αρβανιτιάς όπως φαίνεται από την Ακροναυπλία

The Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni stated:

“Acronafplia is a major archaeological site of Nafplio. In the Arvanitia walking route, which is a unique coastal route, there have been major landslides, with the most recent ones in August 2019. However, and the Sagredo Gate, a historical gate of the Second Venetian occupation built to connect the hill of Acronafplia with the lower town, remains closed for more than twenty years, despite the Ministry of Culture’s binding condition to the hotel operator to allow access to the archaeological site.

The gate marks the beginning of a march towards the hill of Akronafplia. Its reopening is linked to the overall enhancement of the archaeological site and its connection with the city. With the interventions foreseen in the study, our goal is – after Bourtzi – to integrate Akronafplia functionally and safely into the other sites and monuments of the city of Nafplion, satisfying, at the same time, a long-standing demand of the local community.”

The functional integration of Akronafplia into the city of Nafplion is in progress
February 1 2024
February 29 2024