Crowne Plaza Athens City Centre has invested in the hosting of conferences, taking special care of the infrastructure and amenities of the conference, international meetings, and event spaces.

Rooms with natural lighting and equipped with the necessary technological infrastructure will meet every need for the organization of business and festive events.

Depending on the number of participants and the aesthetics they prefer, the organizers can choose any of the 14 rooms located on different levels of the hotel. Depending on the layout, their capacity is variable in order to adapt to the requirements of the occasion. The halls are named after ancient Greek scientists and philosophers: Socrates, Plato, Hippocrates, Thales, Herodotus, and Democritus.

Ideal for the organization of large conferences, meetings, and social events is the large ballroom that was renovated in 2018. It is an 895 sqm space equipped with modern high-tech amenities: videowall, monitors and ceiling projectors in every room, flexible LCD bulletin boards, Matrix system, high-quality sound and lighting, and wired or wireless mobile charging stations. The space is open plan but has the flexibility to adjust its dimensions and divide it into smaller rooms.

Additional amenities include generous coffee breaks, delicious meals, and cocktails where and when needed.




                                         Χωρητικότητα Αιθουσών


(in m2) theatre School U-shape Boardroom Cocktail Lunch-Dinner
Πλάτων 90 75 40 30 30 80 60 Προβολή
Σωκράτης 455 430 200 70 70 370 300 Προβολή
Ιπποκράτης 130 90 50 40 40 60 70 Προβολή
Ηρόδοτος 85 60 40 25 25 40 Προβολή
Θαλής 45 15 Προβολή
Δημόκριτος 270 180 80 50 50 180 140 Προβολή
Ballroom 865 550 300 90 90 700 420 Προβολή

Συνεδριακός Χώρος «Σωκράτης»
Συνεδριακός Χώρος «Σωκράτης»
Συνεδριακός Χώρος «Ιπποκράτης»
Συνεδριακός Χώρος «Ηρόδοτος»
Συνεδριακός Χώρος «Θαλής»

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