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An impressive Hotel Art & Design Gallery is presented for the first time at the 100% Hotel Show 2022


Every year, the 100% Hotel Show chooses ways to highlight the catalytic role that Design plays in the creation of successful hotel concepts. This year, it is collaborating with the platform and extending its intervention in this sector even further, by including Art in its content, with the creation of a highly curated Hotel "Art & Design Gallery" that will operate within the Show.

The interconnection of mid-range and above accommodation (Boutique Hotels, Villas, etc.) with Design and Art is not a choice related only to image and aesthetics. As the trend for Luxury Hospitality conditions is gaining momentum, it is a given that it is also a business choice, aiming at strong branding and consequently higher and better quality sales.

The 100% Hotel Show 2022, will for the first time host an "Art & Design Gallery", featuring Art & Design proposals for Hotels, to enhance the experience, and overall image, of luxury accommodation and villas. Visitors to the Exhibition will have the opportunity, through the exhibits of the "Art & Design Gallery", to "imagine" their Unit going up many levels, both in aesthetics and in the ratings they will receive from their guests.

What the "Art & Design Gallery" of the 100% Hotel Show 2022 includes

"Club Vacay": thematic exhibition Curated by Greece is for Lovers

As part of the "Art & Design Gallery", the 100% Hotel Show has commissioned the design team Greece is for Lovers to curate and present a thematic design exhibition, featuring objects by Greek Designers, or Designers active in Greece.

Thus, the concept "Club Vacay": Design for Holiday was created, which is described by Greece is for Lovers as follows:

Etymologically, a hotel is described as a lodge with furnished rooms, which operates as a business and offers accommodation as a service. A lodging for a few hours, an overnight stay or more, in cities or in the countryside, in villages or islands, near airports or railway stations, the hotel is directly linked to holidays and transience.

"Club Vacay" is a fantastic holiday condition, where design meets applied arts and interacts with guests in the aesthetic environment of a hotel. It is a collection of objects that composes the right atmosphere to make a guest's short stay pleasant and memorable. Objects that are unexpected yet serve the needs of an accommodation, but also narratives that enhance the experience of the place and build memories.

The objects were chosen for their ability to stand independently of the wider decoration of a space. 'Club Vacay' therefore explores how design can enter the environment of a hotel, breaking out of the narrow confines of decoration and taking on an autonomous role in the short time available.

The design for the presentation of the thematic exhibition "Club Vacay" was curated by Ioanna Founti - Metamo Interior Studio

Art and Design proposals selected by 100% Hotel Show and

In addition to the thematic exhibition "Club Vacay", the creative team that was put together by 100% Hotel Show and, selects Art Proposals, as well as Furniture and Design Objects, which can be integrated into the environment of an accommodation, giving it a special identity. Art, Design and Culture can certainly be part of the unique experience that guests have during their stay in a special accommodation, whether it is a classic Hotel, Boutique Hotel or Villa. At the same time, they actively participate in the creation of what we call "Storytelling", enabling the guest to unfold a story that reflects the identity of the hotel brand. The Galleries, Designers and Artists that will participate in this section of the "Art & Design Gallery" of the 100% Hotel Show 2022, promise the visitors of the Exhibition an exciting journey into the magical world of Creativity and Inspiration!

International and domestic Design Brands

In a distinct area of the "Art & Design Gallery", furniture, lighting and design objects in general, from companies from Greece and abroad, find their place. Hoteliers will have the opportunity to get to know the participating Design Brands, to be "introduced" to their design philosophy and concept, but also to see how they can give special design "touches" to their accommodation.

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