A special section "Real Luxury" is prepared for the first time by the 100% Hotel Show

The 100% Hotel Show, evolving the emphasis it has placed on Luxury Hospitality since its first edition, goes one step further and, closely following the changing trends in the tourism industry, presents proposals and solutions that respond to the evolution of Luxury: the Real Luxury.

The global increase in tourism and the corresponding saturation that has been caused in terms of available accommodation, have created the need to upgrade and diversify the services offered to guests, who now, in their search for their next trip, are looking for something that will impress them. The tourism offered in Greece - a luxury destination by definition - must meet the characteristics of true luxury.

But what are some Real Luxury trends for modern accommodation, and how will the 100% Hotel Show highlight them?


High quality infrastructure



The trend: The first impression, the feeling that the guest gets upon arrival at the venue, is the one that has a catalytic effect on his or her disposition towards the accommodation. The high- level building infrastructure, as a result of careful architectural design of the common areas and rooms, is the element that will create a strong, positive first impression on the visitor, so that he or she will feel that the accommodation will meet the requirements of a luxury stay.

The 100% Hotel Show approach. However, this year it will not stop there, as it has included a special area for the presentation of special, innovative, "out of the box" accommodation design proposals, as well as selected professionals from the fields of architecture and interior design, who will propose integrated solutions to visitors for facilities and environments of the highest architectural standard. At the same time, an entire day of the Exhibition's Workshops, under the general title "Hotel Architecture Summit", will be dedicated to the latest trends in the design and construction of hotel infrastructures that shape an overall luxury environment.


Design and Art



The trend: of course, luxury in the design of a tourist accommodation does not stop at the building infrastructure, but continues throughout the aesthetic configuration and decoration of the spaces. A space with a special design and enriched with selected art touches not only evokes a pleasant sense of luxury, but also helps to create the unique identity of the accommodation, a unique story telling that will make it stand out and attract more visitors.

The 100% Hotel Show approach. Furthermore, during the exhibition, tourism entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to receive thoughtful curation from designers for their accommodation, with specific art and design proposals for the entire accommodation and for individual spaces, in order to create a unique effect.

One sector of tourism that is predominantly associated with luxury hospitality is villas - and of course the 100% Hotel Show will offer specific proposals for this particular type of accommodation, which requires special care and treatment. In addition, this year's event will also approach another different form of design, Yacht Design, providing through a new section entitled "On Board Hospitality" equipment and decoration ideas for these spaces as well, aimed at guests with high demands.


Unique experience



The trend: the most important feature of an accommodation that creates a sense of luxury for its guests is the creation of a unique experience. This initially includes the facilities, public areas, rooms and surroundings, but also the activities that can be part of the overall experience. The desire of visitors to any destination is to see and experience something different, and it is based on this need that they make their choice of accommodation.

100% Hotel Show's approach: the 100% Hotel Show has timely discerned this shift in tourism trends, and has prepared proposals for creating unique experiences in hospitality venues, but has also created the conditions for providing personalised solutions to accommodation owners.







The trend: travellers now place great importance on implementing sustainability principles and prioritising environmentally friendly services and products - consequently, they choose hotels that have sustainable practices embedded in all aspects of their business. To put it literally, sustainability is now much more than a trend - it's a necessity!

Η προσέγγιση του 100% Hotel Show: Η Αειφορία βρίσκει διακριτό χώρο στο 100% Hotel Show 2022, τόσο σε επιλεγμένες προτάσεις εκθετών, όσο και μέσα από ειδικές εκπαιδευτικές θεματικές των Workshops της φετινής Έκθεσης.


Aim for Real Luxury


As the tourism industry evolves at a rapid pace, what until recently characterized a hotel or room as luxurious may no longer be considered enough. Real luxury, what the modern visitor is looking for, is based on high-level architectural design, thoughtful design and the creation of a unique experience.

The 100% Hotel Show 2022, true to its commitment to anticipate the needs of industry operators and provide them with specific solutions, has created a special "Real luxury" section to comprehensively cover the Luxury Accommodation sector.

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